Anabi Holdings North Master, LLC

Service Type: Refinancing

Client: Anabi Holdings North Master, LLC

Client Description: An affiliate of a larger convenience retailer and branded fuel wholesaler.

The Trigger:

  • The client’s lender, a private fund, was closing out its fund and returning capital to investors. The lender requested a payoff that was unattainable based upon current market conditions and asset performance.

The Project:

  • Corner Capital was retained to assist the client in estimating the asset value, structure a negotiated payoff and release, and assist in the new financing.

The Solution:

  • Corner Capital provided market valuation estimates for the assets under multiple scenarios, structured and negotiated numerous proposals with the lender, negotiated a staged release and payoff on mutually acceptable terms to the borrower and lender, and assisted in structuring the takeout financing.

The Result:

  • Corner Capital negotiated with the lender on behalf of our client, reaching a successful conclusion while allowing our client to continue its focus on operations.