Financing and Restructuring

A trademark characteristic of the Downstream Energy industry is a heavy demand for plant, property, and equipment. Because our industry involves hazardous substances, many lenders avoid investing in companies regardless of credit quality. Our lending relationships are comprised of “Energy” specialists within local, regional, and national banks, whom we have educated on the unique aspects of transacting with petroleum products.
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    Corner Capital’s underwriting team is comprised of former lenders and operators in the industry. We understand the key criteria that each lender seeks in a potential relationship, and our models are designed to create the most opportunistic structure and partnership for your financing. Whether seeking a refinancing due to a maturing loan facility or reaching concentration limits with your existing lender, our process secures the best financing proposals for your enterprise. Our underwriting team can also identify additional capacity for a total loan facility to include revolving credit lines, new development credit lines, and equipment financing. As a national leader in securing loan facilities for Downstream Energy clients, our underwriting memorandums have become an industry standard for lenders in their credit assessments. Additionally, our process allows clients to focus on their daily operations while we manage the entire financing process through to the successful execution of the loan facilities.

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    Circumstances often require an objective perspective, where executives find the need to step back and digest sub-par performance. Whether challenges have arisen from initial acquisition optics or company markets have deteriorated beyond repair, we can provide an honest assessment of your situation and options. Our experience operating Downstream Energy enterprises provides for an accelerated solution to your challenge, something we believe you won’t find from general practitioners. We assist in averting crises by developing consensus among creditors and lenders that a refinancing best serves all constituencies. We work with borrowers, vendors, and lenders in a thoughtful, transparent manner to find workable solutions after our assessment and planning process. Our restructuring services include:

    • Advisory Services – We will swiftly perform an in-depth analysis to identify, develop, and implement turnaround initiatives from tactical, financial, and operational perspectives. Working with management, our team’s multifaceted approach is designed to have immediate, material, and quantifiable results.
    • Lender Negotiations and Debt Restructuring – Our deep working knowledge of the mechanisms available to steer your business enable us to creatively model a robust range of sensitivities and assumptions to present a compelling case to lenders and other constituents. Our extensive relationships with lenders and creditors provides comfort when they know our clients have retained our services. We’ve built industry credibility through demonstrated success in restructurings, rapid refinancing, and insolvency cases through formal reorganization under the bankruptcy code.
    • Turnaround and Interim Management – We provide interim management to support and bolster internal resources shortening the lead-time for implementing strategic or crisis-driven objectives. Our practitioners bring a fresh perspective without the distractions of daily operations, and have held titles of Chief Financial Officer, Chief Restructuring Officer, and Controller in their past careers.
    • Reorganization – In more formal cases, we serve our clients in interim Chief Financial Officer projects and court-approved Chief Restructuring Officer roles. With first-hand experience in restructuring and reorganizing companies, we understand the professional and personal impact of such situations on our clients, their families, and their employees. Our staff is ready and willing to step in to provide the necessary services to put your company on the right track to recovery. Our team members have led numerous restructuring and court-sanctioned engagements on behalf of debtors and creditors.
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    Loan Purchases

    Solutions to credit challenges can come in creative forms, including the acquisition of bank loans. Whether a lender desires to exit a loan facility supported by challenged credit or the lender is exiting a specific geography or asset segment, Corner Capital or its partners may acquire such loans from the lending institution. Loan purchases can be restructured to provide the borrower with performance and time relief while enduring difficult market conditions.

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