Ridgemont Equity Partners

Service Type: Industry & Transactional Advisory

Client: Ridgemont Equity Partners

Client Description: A middle market private equity firm that has provided over $3.5 billion of buyout and growth capital.

The Trigger:

  • Ridgemont was contemplating an investment target serving the Downstream Energy business, and was referred to Corner Capital by a prior client.

The Project:

  • The Company engaged Corner Capital to solicit direct responses from industry constituents including select customer targets, major suppliers, and credit card companies about the industry growth and direction.
  • In addition, Corner Capital was tasked with providing market research about product demand, customer service models, ancillary sales, and other metrics related to the potential investment.

The Solution:

  • Corner Capital canvassed the major constituencies in the industry to gather data directly from customers, retailers/distributors, major oil suppliers and credit card companies.
  • The interview questions elicited broader discussions around technology, capex spending, and other important contextual data.

The Result:

  • After review and diligence, Corner Capital provided its client with a report addressing its client’s needs, and assisting the client with its impact to future cash flows and value.
  • Capital expenditures, brand technologies, and environmental regulatory policies, among others, were assessed to generate a fair and strategic opinion for the approach of the Company and respective transaction.