Polk Oil Company, Inc.

Service Type: M&A

Client: Polk Oil Company, Inc.

Client Description: A third-generation family-owned regional convenience retailer and distributor of lubricants, branded and unbranded fuels, and transportation services.

The Trigger:

  • After consolidating ownership via a buyout of family members, the remaining shareholder was approached by a large, regional competitor with an opportunity to exit the business.

The Project:

  • The shareholder (current principal of Corner Capital), needed to assess an appropriate value for the sale of stock in the Company.

The Solution:

  • The shareholder canvassed peer groups, market transactions, Corner Capital, and other sources to determine an appropriate value, along with market terms and conditions for a complicated sale.

The Result:

  • The transaction was consummated on terms agreeable to the Company, and the shareholder retained a senior level position with the acquirer, as well as a position on the Board of Directors.