Corner Capital 2023 Review & 2024 Outlook

Annual Report Cover_2023-2024

Welcome to 2024!

Anticipation is high for what this year will bring, but expectations seem mitigated and uncertain. From interest rates, inflation, and GDP expectations to Main Street vs. Wall Street, Artificial Intelligence, and electricity generation and distribution, everything seems variable. And, of course, we have a Presidential election. What we always know, however, is our industry will perform and will remain “investable” – as we always do through good times and challenging times.

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In September 2023 we added Juan Kemp to our team, after his 26 years with Shell. He is laying groundwork for our future and growing our relationships in the industry, as we intend to continue serving our industry well into the future! The year prior, we re-invigorated Corner Realty, LLC. Our Austin, TX headquarters remains staffed with excellent project managers, analysts, and capital markets experts to lead any client project to a successful conclusion. We hope you will reach out with any opportunity you may be considering; if it is in our domain we can assure you that you will receive honest, accurate, and insightful stewardship of your project.


In this year’s Annual Report, we cover the normal topics including i) national and regional M&A activity, ii) big events and interesting trends, iii) Corner Realty overview of services, and iv) some of Corner Capital’s transactions. Perhaps most interesting, we provide a short primer on the integration of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in our industry, and where it is “taking hold” as well as where it is not. We hope you find this year’s Report a “good read” and helpful as we navigate 2024. As always, please reach out to our team, especially Juan, to the throw the ball around anytime!



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